• It leads to rapid depletion of the limited landfill space
  • Formation of greenhouse gases such as methane, and wastewater at landfills, imposing severe burden on our environment
  • Contaminate other recyclable materials
    Food waste is an organic waste which decomposes easily and induces bacteria
  • Unbalanced food source distribution and wastage of resource
It includes pre-consumed or leftover such as rice, meat, bones, vegetables, various fruit peel, bread, used tea leaves and expired food. Food waste is mainly categorized in 3 types:
Preparing a shop list
before shopping
Storing the
food systematically
Food bank could help
needy in difficulty
  • Food quantity: Prepare suitable quantity of food in every meal
  • Expiry of food: Notice the expiry date of food when you shop
  • Shopping list: Shop with the shopping list to avoid over-purchasing
  • Food storage: Preserve easily perishable food in refrigerator
  • Food donation: Donate the surplus food to food bank or community kitchen
Bring along with your own
container to take home
unfinished food
  • Share with friends: Be environmental friendly to buy bulk and share with friends to save money
  • Inform your family when you dinning out to prevent excessive dishes
  • To order suitable quantity of food
  • Avoid all-you-can-eat style dinning. This style of dinning not only produce large amount of food waste, it also bad for health
  • To prevent postconsumed food waste, bring your own container to take home unfinished food
  • To further advocate food waste reduction, participant in food waste reduction campaign such as the save food day
Make use of unavoidable food waste such as fish bone to cook soup or other dishes   Preserve tangerine in salt for
months to make a salty tangerine
  • Make use of the unavoidable food waste such as fish bone, shrimp head to cook soup or other dishe
  • Use excessive cooked rice to make fried rice or cook with soup to make a delicious dish
  • To rip the cooked meat into hair-like pieces to make shredded pork and freak shark fin soup
  • Over ripe banana can be stored at freezer and to make banana shake
  • Tangerine peel after dehydration under sunlight can be used to make dessert and cook with congee to enhance flavor
  • Preserve tangerine in salt for months to make a salty tangerine which treats sore throat
Eco-detergent Resue rice-rinsed water Eco-soap  
  • Use the rice-rinsed water to plant and clean
  • Coffee grounds can be used for removing odor, cleaning and prevent insect
  • Replace chemical detergent by homemade eco-detergent with tea bag and various fruit peel
  • Banana peel can be used as an oil cleaner and keep the shoes shine
  • The grinded egg shell can be used as a fertilizer for planting or mixed with congee to increase the nutrition value
  • Using recycled oil to make eco-soap
  • Bathing with tangerine peel or lemon peel can moisturize skin from dehydration
  • To diminishes the appearance of eye puffs and darkness, cover the grinded potato peel to the eyes area