To support “Food Wise Hong Kong”, Environmental Protection Department collaborated with Tuen Mun District Council, Greeners Action and Sino Properties Service launched a half year Food Waste Reduction Program in Tuen Mun started from July. The launching ceremony had been hold on 3 July in Tuen Mun Town Plaza, it is pleased to invite Assistant Director of Environmental Protection Department Mr. Elivs Au , Sino Properties Service representative gave an opening speech. All participated restaurant representative also attend the ceremony.

The “No Leftover” Program in Tuen Mun had been started from 4 July, the first 50 no leftover photo up-loader will be awarded eateries cash coupon or healthy food gift set, for more detail of the program please visit


Assistant Director of Environmental Protection Department Mr. Elvis Au gave an opening speech


Guest and “Big Waster” showing the program slogan to deliver Save Food message


Group photo of participating restaurant representative 


Save Food Ambassador 「3Think」singing to deliver the Save Food message 


An instant winner was awarded in Spaghetti 360 at K-point

  An instant winner was awarded in Café De Coral at Tuen Mun Town Plaza

An instant winner was awarded in Tsui Wha Restaurant (Tuen Mun Store)


An instant winner was awarded in Beppu Ramen at Tuen Mun Town Plaza


Greeners Action ambassador conducted an Eco-detergent workshop in K-point. Public are welcomed to make your unique one.

  A student successfully challenged the Food Waste quiz.

Public are interested to learn and make an Eco-detergent for their Daily use in Tuen Mun Town Plaza.

  Big Waster would take photo with public

Two Food Waste Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Exhibition were taken place in K-point and Tuen Mun Town Plaza from 5 Aug to 18 Aug and 16 Oct to 22Oct respectively. It aims to educate public to reduce food waste in their daily life and make good use of food waste properly. The program ambassador of Greeners Action will interact with the public in every Saturday and Sunday during the exhibition period. An eco-detergent workshop was conducted. Public were welcomed to make their unique one.