In order to raise awareness and encourage food waste reduction at source among the commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors and the public, the Environmental Protection Department is collaborating with District Councils and Green Council  to promote food waste reduction in Hong Kong.  Every three to six months, we visit different shopping malls and restaurants in a district to engage C&I sectors and the public in practicing food waste reduction.
It is pleased to be supported by Mr. KS Wong, The Secretary for the Environment and Kandy Wong, to be a Food Saver!

To draw public attention on the Food Waste Reduction Activities in the district.

Exhibition panels showing environmental issues caused by food waste and how to reduce, reuse and recycle food waste.


Encourage the public to cherish food and avoid wasting it when dining out through incentives.
Take a snapshot of your remaining dishes with your own container to win a prize. 
  Diners are encouraged to upload snapshots of reusable containers for take away-orders or leftover food to our Facebook page.
Secret Agent will visit restaurants to reward diners who have finished their dishes. 


Kowloon Food Waste Pilot Composting Plant


On-site visit to know more about food waste recycling procedure

If you are interested in understanding the food waste issues in Hong Kong, including its quantity, environmental impacts, reduction methods and importance of food waste separation at source, you are welcome to visit the Kowloon Bay Pilot Composting Plant, a facility which turns food waste into compost, for further information.