To enhance participation and motivate diners and public to reduce food waste at source, EPD jointed with District Councils and Greeners Action will have road shows for 3 to 6 months at malls in difference district as a platform to promote food waste reduction at high traffic locations.

It is pleased to be supported by Mr. KS Wong,
The Secretary for the Environment and Kandy Wong. To be a Food Saver!
Save food ambassador Kendy of Sugar Club finish all food with no leftover dish  

Take a snapshot of No Leftover dish to win a prize

  to encourage the public to cherish food and avoid wasting it
    when dining out food through incentives.
    in promoting and participating in “Save Food” activities.
  to demonstrate the concerns of malls and eateries over
    Hong Kong’s food waste problem and determination
    in promoting and participating in “Save Food” activities.

To encourage cherishing food and act out “zero food waste” will dinning out, “No Leftover” program will be held. Take an photo of the dish with no leftover after meal, upload to with no limit of entry. The photo with most “Like” will have the chance to win an attractive prize.



Greeners Action representative presents the prize to those customers who finished up the dish during secret visit


Inspector of Greeners Action or the mall will tour around participating eateries to look for “no leftover” diners and who finished the meal with no leftover would have a chance to win a prize.


The Eco-detergent workshop will be held, everyone is welcome to attend to make your unique eco-detergent.


Program ambassador interacts with child and learns food waste knowledge  



People can know more information about food waste in exhibition panel


The recycled food waste product will be displayed in mystery food waste shelves



All the exhibition items are made by up-cycling material, everyone is welcomed to visit our booth.


Exhibition at podium will display environmental issues caused by food waste and how to reduce, reuse and recycle food waste. It will also introduce the cost behind such as emissions of carbon dioxide and food mileages etc., not just providing information but also to make clear the importance of cherishing food. Exhibition will tour around participating malls.


Group photo of all C&I representatives and Mr KS Wong


All C&I representative exchange their idea and experience on Food Waste recycling


Greeners Action will furnish talks on “good food reduction management” to malls/eateries. Greeners Action will also invite other industries such as hotel to share experience on reduce and recycle food waste to let all level of staff be involved.

Content of talks include: Promote charge by portion, set the menu with different portion to provide more choice to customers
  Provide guidelines on purchasing, storing, menu design and staff training to avoid producing food waste
  Set guidelines of food preparation and portion for staff in order to avoid wastage to save cost
  Set up composter or planning to send food waste for recycle in future

Group photo of participant in Food Waste pilot composting plant


Participant on-site visit to know more about food waste recycling procedure

Experience the quantity of food waste generated, feel the hazard of it caused. Change the habit of wasting food or not finishing meal, learn the how and why of separation at source. All are welcomed to join to see the exit of food waste.