Join the “Food Waste Recycling Partnership Scheme”, avoid and minimize food waste production, and promote good food waste management practice like source-separation and recycling.

How to reduce food waste?
Waste reduction at source is always the most effective and fundamental way to address the present food waste problems. Please refer to the following tips.

Smart procurement is the most effective ways to avoid food waste at source and also reduce cost.

Effective labeling system, good storage practice can reduce food spoiling. 
Wise use of raw food materials to avoid pre consumed food waste.
Customer Orders
Remind customers during ordering to reduce post consumed food.
Staff Training
Teach staff the importance of food waste reduction and the ways of source separation, and food waste collection and recycling.

How to separate food waste at source?

Non-Recyclable includes glasses, tinfoil, cling film, carton boxes, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and tin cans.

Recyclable includes meat, bones, bread, rice and noodles, vegetable, fruit and egg shells.