Food Waste Recycling Partnership Scheme

In order to promote good food waste management practice and to gain experience on food waste source separation and recycling, EPD launched the ‘’Food Waste Recycling Partnership Scheme’’ together with commercial & industrial (C&I) sectors in 2009.  A Working Group comprising representatives from the Government and the C&I sectors has been set up in Dec 2009 to plan and manage the operation of the Scheme.

The participating C&I sectors and organizations in the Working Group include:

  • Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related Trades
  • Hong Kong Hotels Association
  • Hong Kong Estate Management Association
  • The Hong Kong Food Council
  • Association of Green Organic at Living
  • Federation of Hong Kong Kowloon New Territories Hawker Association
  • The Link Management Limited
  • Vegetable Marketing Organization
  • Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

The scheme will last for 3 years and around 12 public or private corporate participants will be invited to join the Scheme each year.  The participants will practise source-separation of food waste and EPD will collect the source separated food waste to the Kowloon Bay Pilot Composting Plant (KBPCP) for recycling.  The scheme also includes formulating guidelines on food waste management, and hosting discussion sessions, visits, etc., to provide a platform for participants to share experience on food waste reduction.  To recognize their contribution to food waste reduction, commendation certificate will be presented to the participants.  EPD has commissioned Green Council & Greeners Action to co-organize the publicity and promotional activities.

Operation Summary of Food Waste Source Separation
During the operation of the ‘Food Waste Recycling Partnership Scheme’, participants practised food waste source separation and placed the separated food waste in the designated collection bins provided by EPD at the assigned collection points for collection by EPD to the KBPCP for recycling.  EPD was responsible for cleaning the collection bins. The participants of the scheme include:

Participants in Year 2010-2011

Amoy Plaza (Hang Lung Properties Ltd.)
McDonald's (Amoy Plaza & Maritime Square)
Loving Hut (Amoy Plaza)
Riso (Amoy Plaza)
Cafe de Coral (Amoy Plaza & Maritime Square)
Tao Heung (Amoy Plaza & Maritime Square)
Maritime Square (MTR Corporation Ltd.)
Sheraton HK Hotel & Towers
A&W Food Services Ltd.
Four Seasons Hotel HK
Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon Hong Kong
Kam Ying Court Market,Wang On Commercial Management Ltd. (The Link Management Ltd.)
Tai Po Hui Market (Food and Environmental Hygiene Department)
Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Hospital Authority)
Dutch Kitchen (Queen Elizabeth Hospital )
Pacific Coffee (Queen Elizabeth Hospital )
Asia Pacific Catering (Queen Elizabeth Hospital )
Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS)

Participants in Year 2011-2012

The Peninsula Hong Kong
Sun Hung Kai Centre (Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.)
Harbour Centre (Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.)
Ajisen Ramen (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
Duetto Italian & Indian Dining (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
Itacho Sushi (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
Jardin De Jade (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
K.F.C. (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
Maxim's Deluxe (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
McDonald's (Sun Hung Kai Centre, The Peak Galleria)
Oliver's Super Sandwiches (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
RAMAS Oysters Bar and Grill (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
Starbucks Coffee (Sun Hung Kai Centre & The Great Eagle Centre )
Super Jika Udon (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
Victoria City Restaurant (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
Crabtree & Evelyn The Tearoom (Sun Hung Kai Centre)
apm (Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.)
JUSCO Supermarket (apm)
Table 18 (apm)
China House (apm)
King & I (apm)
Gyu Jin Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki (apm)
Yummy (apm)
Neway Karaoke Box (apm)
U & Me (Harbour Centre)
East Ocean Seafood Restautant (Harbour Centre)
Super Super Congee & Noodles (Harbour Centre)
7-Eleven (Harbour Centre)
Cheese Pizza (Harbour Centre)
Café De Coral (Harbour Centre)
Triple - O's (Harbour Centre)
The Great Eagle Centre (Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.)
Pacific Coffee (The Great Eagle Centre , Manhattan Hill )
Yat Tung Heen (The Great Eagle Centre)
Manhattan Hill (Royal Elite Service Company Ltd.)
Tao Square (Manhattan Hill )
Manhattan Hill Club House Restaurants
Lucky Market, Well Sighted Limited( The Link Management Ltd.)
Swire Coca-Cola HK Ltd.
Intercontinental Hong Kong
Kowloon Hospital (Hospital Authority)
The Peak Galleria (Hang Lung Properties Ltd.)
Delifrance (The Peak Galleria)
Spaghetti 360 (The Peak Galleria)

Participants in Year 2012-2013

Langham Place, Mongkok , HK
Fu Shin Market (The Link Management Ltd.)
Hyatt Regency HK, Sha Tin
Exchange Tower (Sino Property Services)
King Palace Chinese Restaurant (Exchange Tower)
Naruto (Exchange Tower)
Yew Chung Education Foundation
Wonderland Villas Complex
Wellcome Supermarket (Wonderland Villas Complex)
Discovery Park Commercial Service Ltd.
Chao Dynasty (Discovery Park)
Cheung Lung Restaurant (Discovery Park)
Classic in Shun Tak (Discovery Park)
Delifrance (Discovery Park)
Federal Palace Restaurant (Discovery Park)
Maxim's (Discovery Park)
McDonald’s (Discovery Park)
Pokka Café (Discovery Park)
ParkNShop Superstore (Discovery Park)
Luncheon Star
The Excelsior, Hong Kong
Yeung Uk Road Wet Market (Food and Environmental Hygiene Department)
Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Participants in Year 2013-2014

Tuen Mun Town Plaza (Sino Properties Service)
Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (TMT plaza)
Dondonya Shokudo (TMT Plaza)
Beppu Ramen (TMT plaza)
Yummy (TMT plaza)
Shanghai Min (TMT plaza)
Spaghetti House(TMT plaza)
AEON Tuen Mun Store (TMT plaza)
Café de Coral(TMT plaza , K-Point)
K-point (Sun Hung Kai Properties)
Spaghetti360 (K-Point)
Morihachi KitchenTamago (K-Point)
MOS Burger(K-Point)
Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong
Cheung Fat Modern Market
The Mira Hong Kong
San Hui Market (Food and Environmental Hygiene Department)
Plaza Hollywood Limited
Beppu Ramen (Plaza Hollywood)
Yummy (Plaza Hollywood)
Chao And Hak (Plaza Hollywood)
HEICHINROU (Plaza Hollywood)
Modern China Restaurant (Plaza Hollywood)
ParkNShop (Plaza Hollywood)
Pizza Hut (Plaza Hollywood)
Xia Mian Guan (Plaza Hollywood)
Lok Fu Plaza (The Link Management Ltd.)
MouMouClub (Lok Fu Plaza)
Sushi Dai (Lok Fu Plaza)
ParkNShop Superstore (Lok Fu Plaza)
Pizza Hut (Lok Fu Plaza)
Starbucks (Lok Fu Plaza)
McDonald's (Lok Fu Plaza)
Lok Fu Market (The Link Management Ltd.)
Holiday Inn Goldenmile
Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel
The Langham, Hong Kong Hotel
W Hotel

Participants in Year 2014-2015

Hysan Development Company Limited (Hysan Place)
Holly Brown (Hysan Place)
Shelter Italian Bar & Restaurant (Hysan Place)
The Herbivores (Hysan Place)
Agetate Kibun (Hysan Place)
PEPPER LUNCH (Hysan Place)
Ganpachi Ramen (Hysan Place)
Chili N Spice (Hysan Place)
Izumi Curry (Hysan Place)
Honeymoon Dessert (Hysan Place)
BB1 Vietnamese Bistro (Hysan Place)
Eight Grand (Hysan Place)
Ho Hung Kee 1946 (Hysan Place)
Moments (Hysan Place)
Bo-Lo'GNE Cafe (Hysan Place)
WIRED CAFE (Hysan Place)
Queen Mary Hospital
MegaBox Development Company Limited (MegaBox)
IKEA (MegaBox)
Shanghai Min (MegaBox)
AEON Stores (Kowloon Bay (MegaBox)
Pacific Coffee (MegaBox)
McDonald's (MegaBox)
Pentahotel, Hong Kong, Kowloon
The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong
United Christian Hospital
Hong Kong Aero Engine Service Limited (HAESL)
New Town Plaza Phase 3 (Sung Hung Kai Properties Ltd)

Yummy Delight (New Town Plaza Phase 3)
Spaghetti 360 (New Town Plaza Phase 3)
Pizza Hut (New Town Plaza Phase 3)

Participants in Year 2015-2016

Regal Kowloon Hotel
Regal Oriental Hotel
Maritime Square (MTR Corporated Ltd.)

Beppu (Maritime Square)
Lime Garden (Maritime Square)
Café de Coral (Maritime Square)
McDonald's & McCafe (Maritime Square)
Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao/ C-Jade Meal Plus (Maritime Square)
Mr. Steak (Maritime Square)
Federal Palace (Maritime Square)
PIZZASTAGE (Maritime Square)
Itamae Sushi (Maritime Square)
Pokka Café (Maritime Square)
Jika Udon (Maritime Square)
TASTE (Maritime Square)
Metroplaza (Sun Hung Kai Properties)

A-1 Bakery & Café (Metroplaza)
Sweet Tooth (Metroplaza)
Antone (Metroplaza)
Tai Hing (Metroplaza)
Berliner German Bar and Restaurant (Metroplaza)
TASTE (Metroplaza)
Délifrance (Metroplaza)
The Banqueting House (Metroplaza)
Gyu Kaku (Metroplaza)
Toast Box (Metroplaza)
McDonald's & McCafe (Metroplaza)
Yummy Delight (Metroplaza)
Mou Mou Club (Metroplaza)
Cityplaza (Swire Properties)

APITA (Cityplaza)
Café de Carol (Cityplaza)
Chiuchow Garden (Cityplaza)
DONDONYA Shokudo (Cityplaza)
House of Canton (Cityplaza)
Hunan Garden Restaurant (Cityplaza)
McDonald's (Cityplaza)
Oliver's Super Sandwiches (Cityplaza)
Pacific Coffee (Cityplaza)
Peking Garden Restaurant (Cityplaza)
Pizza Hut (Cityplaza)
Simplylife Bakery Café (Cityplaza)
Starbucks (Cityplaza)
The Spaghetti House (Cityplaza)
Taikoo Place (Swire Properties)

Cova (Taikoo Place)
Enoteca (Taikoo Place)
Ground Public - Swire Hotels (Taikoo Place)
Mr and Mrs Fox - Swire Hotels (Taikoo Place)
nood food (Taikoo Place)
Plat du Jour - Swire Hotels (Taikoo Place)
Public - Swire Hotels (Taikoo Place)
Simplylife Café (Taikoo Place)
Kornhill Plaza (Hang Lung Properties)

AEON Kornhill Store (Kornhill Plaza)
Crystal Jade Kitchen (Kornhill Plaza)
McDonald's (Kornhill Plaza)
PARKnSHOP Superstore (Kornhill Plaza)
Pizza Express (Kornhill Plaza)

Participants in Year 2016-2017

New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel
Mira Mall (Henderson Land Development Company Limited)

Din Tai Fung (Mira Mall)
Fu Ho Restaurant (Mira Mall)
Gaia Veggie Shop (Mira Mall)
Marks & Spencer Food (Mira Mall)
Sen-ryo (Mira Mall)
Sorabol Korean Restaurant (Mira Mall)
Starbucks (Mira Mall)
Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine (Mira Mall)
Tsui Hang Village (Mira Mall)
Langham Place (Great Eagle Group)

81 Ban (Langham Place)
Antoshimo Café & Bakery (Langham Place)
Berliner Beer House (Langham Place)
Berliner German Bar & Restaurant (Langham Place)
Genki Sushi (Langham Place)
Holly Brown (Langham Place)
Ippudo (Langham Place)
Jasmine Garden (Langham Place)
Make it (Langham Place)
Market Place by Jasons (Langham Place)
McDonald's & McCafé (Langham Place)
Monster Sushi (Langham Place)
Mos Burger (Langham Place)
Passion Bakery Café (Langham Place)
Sala Thai (Langham Place)
TeaWood (Langham Place)
The Dining Room (Langham Place)
The LUXE Seafood Bar & Resto (Langham Place)
The Sky Bar (Langham Place)
North Kwai Chung Market (Food and Environmental Hygiene Department)
Hotel Panorama by Rhombus

2/3 Dolci (Festival Walk)
Amaroni's Little Italy (Festival Walk)
Café de Coral (Festival Walk)
COVA Caffè (Festival Walk)
Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill (Festival Walk)
EXP (Festival Walk)
Festive China (Festival Walk)
Greyhound Café (Festival Walk)
House of Canton (Festival Walk)
Jasmine (Festival Walk)
King's Palace Congee & Noodle Bar (Festival Walk)
McDonald's (Festival Walk)
Queen's Café (Festival Walk)
Sen-ryo (Festival Walk)
simplylife (Festival Walk)
Starbucks Coffee (Festival Walk)
Sweet-O-logy (Festival Walk)
TASTE (Festival Walk)
The Lobintan (Festival Walk)
Festival Walk Food Court (Festival Walk)
L'hotel élan
Park Hotel
CityView Hotel
Great Food Hall (Pacific Place)
Kokomi (Pacific Place)
Peking Garden (Pacific Place)
Starbucks (Pacific Place)
Starbucks Reserves (Pacific Place)
Thai Basil (Pacific Place)
The petit café (Pacific Place)
Ching Long Shopping Centre
Nam Shan Estate Market
Wah Fu (I) Estate Market
Wah Fu (II) Estate Market